Stomach disorders, though they may be based on deficient functions, usually involve excess or accumulation problems; accumulation needs to be dissolved and guided out. If these functions are compromised, they need to be rectified by restoring the outwardly dissipating function of the lung (primarily by opening up the surface with diaphoretics), and/or restoring the downward flow of lung qi (by calming coughing and asthmatic breathing, or opening up the water passages, or purging lung qi). The vocal organs in the throat are tender structures that demand gentle manipulations and avoidance of abrupt excessive pressure during massage. Watery vegetables help to moisten and hydrate the body. When the Kidney Qi starts to weaken, dark circles or pouches appear under the eyes. Lian Qiao is an important medicinal in pediatrics because it has the ability to treat heat generated from food stagnation that is so common in children. If physicians knew the proper way to treat liver disorders, they would treat the spleen first.

This style of acupuncture is effective only if the tumour has not gone deeper and can be accessed in a superficial area such as the skin surface. Summer foods such as salads, cucumbers, and melons are ideal for hot weather. It is thus called the ‘chief of staff’ and the ‘store house of essence.’ All the organs are of a murky nature, only the gallbladder is clear. Chinese and English Names Ingredients Indications Ditan Tang bamboo, pinellia, arisaema, citrus, chih-shih, hoelen, ginseng, acorus, licorice Phlegm mist obstructing the orifices, producing mental confusion or stroke. The rear of the tongue is associated with the Kidneys, but also with the whole Lower Jiao area, so it also includes the intestines, both small and large, the bladder and the uterus. Those suffering from common or severe cold should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. Ganoderma normalizes immune activity, making it useful for nutritive support in cancer, infections and auto-immune disorders.

This is due to Yang Qi being too weak to warm the body. Pears are particularly good because they also combat dryness in the body and are potent for lung health and decreasing congestion. Again, true to myself, I thought that if I did feel revitalised it was probably because of the snooze rather than the needles, but whatever… In fact I actually felt quite exhausted on my way back home. The underlying theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the body should be in a perfect state of physical and emotional balance to reach harmony with the outside world. Plus, try to eat hormone-regulating foods. Any circulation and emotions can affect the skin. The diet should consist of soups and plenty of liquids.

Too much heat can be caused by too many heating foods, or not enough cooling foods. Indications: Constipation due to intestinal dryness or habitual constipation. This cooling herb also strengthens the lungs. Taking all this into account, Chinese herbs are often taken in combination formulas that have been carefully balanced to expel Wind and clear Cold, Heat and Dampness, without causing Dryness. Diuretics like Poria mushroom help to excrete the excess moisture through the urine. Acupuncture will stimulate the flow of energy within the body and strengthen the internal systems. No coconut, olive, sesame, or any other oil whatsoever should be applied for this ‘Damp Heat’ type; nor beeswax salves or ointments.

As a general rule, acute ailments (those that arise suddenly and are to be treated right away) are treated for a period of 1-30 days. Relax, have easy life and avoid intense emotional stress. Moxibustion therapy — the application of heat — is particularly helpful in this situation. Inquiry or Asking exam. Primarily, oral antibiotics destroy the beneficial bacteria of the small and large intestines. A wealthy man sneaks away for a tryst that he suggests will “reduce friction” with his wife. It’s a simple as could be, chop the pears up, put them in cold water and bring them to a boil.

If our body does not provide a suitable condition for bacteria or virus to develop itself, we will not suffer from their negative effects. It used for medicinal purposes in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. I also recommend Black Cumin Seed oil taken internally on a regular basis for clients who are prone to viral outbreaks. Since wind-heat can easily consume body fluids, individuals may experience a dry mouth and sore throat. Mi… The entry exit points do not have a strong theoretical usage in modern clinical practice, however, they may be considered if you want to allow a relative excess or deficiency in one meridian to be offset by it’s yin yang paired meridian. For complete information about a single point, click on it within the chart.

The flow of qi and blood can become inhibited in any and every area of the body: the internal organs, the muscles, the joints, and the low back.