9 DPO – More crazy dreams, occasional sore or itchy nips, and in the afternoon I got this weird sensation right behind my bellybutton. Pelvic twinges. Nauseous but only slightly. 1-4DPO= CM was yellowish/white. Light cramps and headache. Male yeast infections are not even remotely as common as female yeast infections are, but they can and do occur. In a nut shell, herpes 1 on the genitals is far less likely to shed sporadically or give you recurrent cold sores and the same goes for herpes 2 in the mouth.

dd, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 . This kind of an infection is known as Candida Onychomycosis as it is caused by the action of the candida species of fungus. ne1 had creamy cm day af is due?? Then noticed the slightest line. I used both a cheap Target test and reconfirmed with a digital ClearBlueEasy. comletely 🙁 oh well! 24, 2013 9:44pm You should test like Tues morning …that’s two days before AF is due..

Didn’t get my usual premenstrual migraine either! 11dpo – Sore throat is back. No serious cramps just a little bit of cramping on the hips. So I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t stress-induced. 13DPO- breasts still feel firm. I was faint at first but got very dark after it sat for the whole 5 minutes. I’ve heard women say this is a sign their period is coming.

Is that a line? We had read somewhere about a study where men used a mineral combination with vitamin C to boost sperm motility, so he (a scientist) found a published study where the group of men took a superdose of vitamin C, and all conceived within a month. Backaches, trouble getting to sleep but sleeping like the dead. Well, I have been extremely hot all the time for the past 5-6 days. 10dpo: Woke up at 4.30 am to pee and took a test . 9 dpo- AM (just waking): Woke up early; restless sleep. I was heartbroken.

we are having a baby!! Starting to feel symptoms are the same as every other BFN month, so feeling a little down and out. Backache, tired, sick still, eating tons, moodiness is back, bbs look veiny and feel full, runny/stuffy nose, and hip pain at nigh 12 dpo- Dry dark brown cm in AM and gone by PM, I might still be in this! DH said he was going to go to an orientation about becoming a COP!??! Ok, well I am sorry you are going threw this! I am convinced that my hormones were out of whack and coupled with my stress and inward depression of the miscarriage we tried and tried and nothing. I usually don’t have this until the day before or on my period which wasn’t for another 6 days.

Legs feel like jelly and occasional shooting pain. I USUALLY O ON THE 15TH)- no energy, pos opk, mood happy, cm watery, low headache, ovulation pain, breast little tender, cramps in uterus, no appetite, no sex drive, little bloating, natural progesterone cream, low backache, mucus clear, cervix soft medium and closed, temp 97.82-O DIP! to pee. Ff has put Crosshairs on my chart tender boobs, constipated, ewcm on tp, increased thirst. The only symptoms I had the month I got my long-awaited BFP were being very tired, and getting what felt like I was ovulating a second time. After ovulation, your cervix again becomes more closed and firm and lower. I’m not sure exactly when I ovulated so I’ve gone from the day I think I did.

@MRSLMA:  +1 for the 10dpo mild cramping and constipation. I am certain I ovulated. Really??? Took a hpt this morning and it was bfn but its still early and i have a dollar tree cheapie so im not trusting that result this early. Anyone ever heard of that? possible PCOS but never confirmed) until finally getting pregnant in June 2013. I do not temp or use ovulation tests, but I have been tracking my periods for 2 years (always previously to make sure I wasn’t pregnant because I was not on BCP and we only used condoms -religiously, but I still don’t trust them).

We really want a baby although we weren’t actively TTC right now, so we’ll be ecstatic if I get a BFP. The only noticeable differences I can think of is the cramping I got the last few days which I don’t ever get before AF. Neither of us has had a baby before. I already have a ds who’s 21 months. Sensitive/twingy nipples, I’m bloated and I’ve had these twinges that I can’t explain, like they are near my cervix? I’d been using the Ovia Fertility app to track everything.