DISCLAIMER: This response is limited by the information that you have provided to this lawyer. The compensation for this type of injury is normally considerable as they seek to punish the accused. Each case is different, but if you have contracted an STD, a lawyer can determine possible prosecution. Hepatitis C never leaves the body and can vary in symptoms, from mild to severe. There are other problems. My ex-date said he was attracted to me but he wanted a girl who has the qualities that his father required, which I am not going to detail. Beyond that, it will be up to the DA to build a case on whether this infection was willfully given to you.

Some of you may have already made that decision. Proof Since there’s so many people in today’s society with STDs it can be very hard to prove who actually infected you. If a defendant is convicted in a criminal trial, the plaintiff in a civil trial might be able to use the criminal conviction as evidence of the defendant’s liability. Kayla says a week later she was diagnosed with herpes. To be sure, some remedies seem to be based more on personal taste than on common sense. (This is not the only cause of goitre – the thyroid often swells in women on oestrogen-containing oral contraceptives, and sometimes just swells up. In some rare cases, even punitive damages can be given.

If you contact your county or borough bar association, they can oftentimes refer you to someone at a low fixed consultation rate (if you let me know where in the state you reside, I can assist in finding your local bar association). 2 days later she had symptoms. We’d like to speak with men and women, young and old, gay and straight, in love or on the prowl and those who are celibate too. And there is an increasing medical consensus that many HIV-positive people on successful medical treatment may not even be capable of transmitting HIV, even in instances of unprotected sex. Did you ever think you’d see the terms genital herpes and criminal law in the same sentence? And to sue someone over giving u an std is ridiculous in my opinion. You need to provde damages of some sort.

If someone communicates a slanderous statement to another about you, you can recover damages from her. Cold sores that are usually prone to the unsightly and painful blisters or thumb by touching and don’t go out there that outbreaks can be caused by the herpes outbreak. App. Legal damages should include life-long medical care and treatment including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and therapy and counseling. As attorney Michael  Joseph explains, even if your damages aren’t high, the emotional trauma and humiliation entitles you to compensation. For a lawyer to take the case on a contingency, would require that there be a big enough payday to make it worthwhile and for the average Joe/Jane, I don’t think that is going to be the case. It was the most talked-about week of the school year because, on the very last day, we were going to learn about the most off-limits topic of all: STD facts.

A good example is the O.J. I also found an example mentioned where Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback was recently sued by a Georgia woman named Sonya Elliot for giving her Herpes. After we had broken up, I found out from a credible source that has had HSV for about 7 years. I am very scared and in the meantime I have 4 warts that I have to apply wartisol cream to and I am terrified because she told me it would hurt. Maybe a person has STD-like symptoms after having unprotected sex with several partners over several months. I already researched te law and I know the only relief they have is money and/or punitive. A guide on how to sue someone for giving you an STD and what the chances of winning are.

Did He Really Do it? Anyway, the reason I’m here is because I was wondering if anyone else has looked into this and could perhaps offer some info for me. So he texted me and we got talking, then he started showing up to my house in his work ute, during work hours. Recently, NFL quarterback Michael Vick was sued by Sonya Elliot, a 26 year-old Georgia woman who claimed the football player had infected her with herpes after an unprotected sexual encounter in 2003. Although, if anyone tries hard enough, they will always find a lawyer prepared to “give it a try”. I wanted someone to comfort me, to tell me it was going to be alright, but I was too embarrassed to tell any of my friends, and I ended up texting him, saying, actually, could you come visit me?.