Updating WordPress while mobile (e-mail, MMS) Published on June 22, 2010

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I was trying to find a way to keep one of my blogs updated while on a two week motorcycle vacation across Europe.  I needed an easy, hassle-free, non-expensive way to update small road-side bits of information.

I have several applications that would do it, like:

- Publishing directly via e-mail does not allow images, and needs an extra step checking the email to post.

- Installing a mobile UI

- Adding a custom posting interface, etc. etc.

But all this required a moderate time-consuming mobile connection, and if your are doing it abroad (roaming), by the end of the two week journey you phone bill will be grown quite fat….

What I really needed was something like an SMS, or MMS. E-mails can be sent via MMS with a fixed price. But directly publishing to WordPress via email (as i’ve described in my previous article “word press posting via e-mail” ), is a bit limited.

So I’ve done a bit of research and…  I’ve found “Posterous”.

Posterous ,amongst lots of other cool stuff, lets you publish to your WordPress blog, via email, with images, and without any other action whatsoever.
You just email, (send an MMS with a just-taken-picture) and seconds later your readers will be able to see, and read it in your blog.

This was just what I needed!

One detail is missing, but i’ve already contacted the guys at posterous to see what can be done.
- The post goes to the default category, and I needed to specify a category on wich to post. – Damn! Almost too good to be true!

Anyway this a 9 of 10 solution for mobile posting to your WordPress blog, and deserves a closer look.

Visit posterous.com/ and check it out yourself.

Take care


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