I’m getting nervous with this talk of waterpumps failing…… 0-60 is 5.0s and a top speed of a smidge over 180mph. At the mo, it’s a brake of choice for many. No murmurs yet from the Ford Performance Vehicles stable, although Focus and Fiesta would be prime FPV candidates. Also a picture of the back of the side panel to help understand space and where the locating clips are. As the Monaro approaches it’s 10th Birthday we need to work together to preserve stock ones for future generations, so if you want lots of mods please buy one already modified. We have an Astra as well and it can’t be faulted, it’s nearly 3 years old and never had a problem with it.

Water got into the engine during a storm two weeks ago. Hmm Real ” Birth Place ” Is HSV in Australia :p Looks great. We’ve just released the stage 3 tunes (booking cars in now under the initial group buy) so we’re working on the stage 4 level now, this is likely to comprise a stage 3 plus larger turbo, race cams, head work, charge cooler and wider bore Milltek (we’ll do an exchange for existing Milltek owners) and circa 330bhp. The team set its sights on making the fastest compact van in the world. stoich is stoich. Furthermore… Now John has the taste for modifying, he has added several more improvements to his car as seen in the picture below the power graph still using the DS-Ultima tune.

Especially if the old one is getting a little shiny. No, the VXR’s most astonishing characteristic is the incredible ride comfort, even on the optional 20-inch rims. If the width under the car’s arches is the main concern then a narrower tyre will not cause an issue. Not everyone loves Ford. The 2015 Holden Astra touts its European-derived HiPerStrut front suspension as a key factor to the Astra’s engaging driving experience, though each incoming Holden has been proven and tested at the brand’s famed Lang Lang proving ground. I must be able to get more out of them as they will end up with a car they can’t sell as they are pricing it to close to that of a new (pre-reg) model. Noisy, poorly built, unexciting.

He agreed that something will need to be done to resolve this and explained that after he had spoken to his manager he would ring me back. Besides bringing you the latest GM News, GM Authority also has a great forum where you can post topics, ask and answer questions as well as discuss all things GM. Relax Gav. I can’t see myself coming back to the Holden badge anytime soon. Together with their powerful Audi R8 GT3 LMS and a magnificent driver line-up, the team is ready to rumble. I previously had the 118tsi golf, it had engine replacement and this is a common issue with the complicated twin charge 1.4L engine… The first thing that was evident was that the VXR unit produced its peak torque sooner, also the torque was flatter across the rev range, dissecting the Turbo Dynamics power curve that was sometimes higher or lower on power.

FWIW I have an L77 on ethanol that used to be jumpy around 15 psi had 120k hard miles on the clock. I heard stories of doors being wedged apart etc. yea, i knew that, just didn’t know in EU they put a lamp there. The majority of the current small car class market are definitely ‘big’ small cars, you have to go to say a Nissan Micra to get a proper small car but even that car is taller or nearly as tall as a large class car… This needs a new intake manifold, new plenum and of course they have to recertify for production/longevity, remap and repass the emissions, do EPA etc – globally. That actually goes for the other brands of cars I own also. keep it vxr and paint the chrome badges;) why, show of its a vauxhall vxr and you modded it.

Looked at getting one second hand a year or two after they came out as a second car but there were just none on the market. I have. Three Half Star Price: From $38,450 For: Funky looks, nice drive, good engine. yep, what VooDoo said. My VXRs List of Problems Ornament or Car? If you make a habit of doing 20+ mph in stock first gear, you would probably ‘pop’ as they said. I’ll bet the next batch ordered will be majority in Arden blue…..

The Corsa could make its way here. Tech could not say what is was, but said if something is out of alignment on the timing belt which drives a heap of different things, then it can make a noise.