If that doesn’t put you in mind of the recent “Swine Flu” scare, in which the infectious agent was shown to be a hybrid of swine, bird and human viral parts, I don’t know what will. It stopped the terrible nerve pain in just moments after each application, and only had to be applied about three times daily during the course of the shingles outbreak. A silver compound known as silver sulfadiazine has been used in 70 per cent of the burn centers in the U.S. Below are stories written into the bulletin board by people using colloidal silver. so watch out what is worth wile reading and who you can trust !!!!!! Why can’t I find your products at a pet shop? Also it is likely that it interferes with immune process is not only pure speculation, but contrary to thousands of reports of people (including myself and members of my family) who have effectively never caught a cold, the flu or anything else after taking an ounce or two of colloidal silver a day.

Herpes (both oral genital x26amp \\\\\\\\), can spread even when no symptoms or sores. The cloud slowly settles towards the bottom, but is too fine to be filtered out with coffee filters, no matter how many layers you use! The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports a No Toxicity listing for colloidal silver. ATAXIA, locomotor (central nervous system infection), 1/4 ounce Colloidal Silver per day for 16 days then 1/8 ounce Colloidal Silver BID for 60 to 90 days (Colloidal Silver will not repair nerve damage, however, it will rid the body of the infection attacking the nerves resulting in no further degeneration). The researcher then ran a low-intensity electrical current through the silver wire so that silver ions were produced directly into the cat’s bloodstream. Silver is “colloidal” when it is suspended in small amounts in liquid. Prior to that it was my son’s Irish Wolfhound with a six inch butterflied gash; sprayed it with colloidal silver every few hours, no stitches, no scar, no infection.

(See:  for my review of the book The New Arthritis Breakthrough by Henry Scammell – A must read for everyone suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. One serious condition typical of AIDS is rapid ageing. Colloidal silver can also be mixed into their wet food, or added to a small bowl of drinking water if the pet won’t take it orally otherwise. Use condoms whenever you make love. It may have to do with the positive charge of the silver neutralizing the negative charge of the anaerobic bacteria. Ingesting silver in amounts close to or above the EPA RfD may put a consumer at risk of developing argyria. There is no definite pharmaceutical cure for herpes and so the use of colloidal silver for herpes is gaining popularity.

Robert O. Stone’s website claims the use of colloidal silver for Ebola is a “psy op” (i.e., psychological operations campaign). She wanted another bottle of colloidal silver since it comes in a glass bottle – she couldn’t afford to have the bottle break and not have a backup on hand. Another holistic veterinarian, Dr. Cayenne Pepper and Silver – Utilizing cayenne pepper may improve the effectiveness of colloidal silver. if you know of any cases similar to mine and have some advice to offer, it would be much appreciated. PMID 17137719.

Board certification should be one of your top considerations when choosing a doctor. Silver has been used for centuries. The Food and Drug Administration today classifies colloidal silver as a pre-1938 drug. Nutrasilver DOES NOTIHNG for herpes! My preliminary cold sore small red bump choice is unprocessed, cold sore small red bump raw honey obtainable at the health grocery, commonly in bulk.This strategy is comparable to seeking a greater salary provide with a new employer. Ted from Bangkok has always advised that after people make their own colloidal silver then they should always add 3 or 4 drops of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide to this colloidal solution. I immediately drank about 4 ounces and continued that for 3 days.

Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is a life-threatening consequence of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection of the central nervous system (CNS). I used colloidal silver on it for two days, it disappeared and I haven’t seen a sign of it since! The condoms were able to kill both HIV and herpesin the lab. Now is your grateful day. (I would stay away from Miracle-Mineral-Supplement though). Silver Biotics is a particular brand of colloidal silver that was patented by American Biotech Labs in 2001. Listening to them you would think every person taking colloidal silver is going to turn gray with silver accumulation in their skin (argyria).

Knowledge is power, and the public needs to know the truth about colloidal silver and its uses.