Schaffer was not well enough to teach me the techniques. Voided after spinal cord same cannot overemphasize this year’s yet this seems especially, come across so ‘freaking’. But The Ultimate Zapper is light years ahead of the competition in terms of strength and effectiveness. Re: Sick? As such, this neurotropic virus is not found in the blood. For this the strength of the pulser may not be important, or only in that it is sufficient to reach the target organ within the body. This is a little segue [about what] is called an orgonite tower buster.

Your body, a healthy body has an excess of electrons and that’s the alkaline state. Russ Torlage has helped me with prototype units. Thanks all again. Shirley Maclain properly entitled her book about her personal spiritual growth “Out On A Limb” because that’s where the fruit in life is; on the outskirts of the limbs where one has to take a risk to climb out there and pick them. Hold your saliva or urine in a vial or kleenex and say “this virus” where the blank is in the above Set Up Statement. I have met people cured from her protocols and spoken and worked with Master Herbalists who make some of her tinctures. adios amoebas..and good results with the liver flush while zapping Most symptoms go away…and we use the zapper at the first symptoms of headaches@ stomach disorders@ or cold symptoms.

The book describes how some of the patients who had consulted Clark for other problems were startled to hear they had cancer or AIDS. The world needs you. A person told us about his severe allergy to bee stings. I remain cancer-free and asthma-free. As recently as 1997, an Austrian Oncology Society conference ‘Quantum Physics in Medicine, The Paradigm of the next Millennium’ which was attended by German and Austrian cancer specialists, focused on the integration of bio-electric discoveries and conventional cancer therapies. This is well documented by the National Cancer Institute in the US. I will take one month off and use DMSO/MMS for a month then back on Dr.

Thank you for producing such an effective device. Since offering the orgone enhanced Zapper (January of 2000), Croft has received many wonderful reports. On the heels of this approval, which represents a crucial breakthrough in the efforts of scientists, doctors and public health officials to combat the spread of STDs in the United States and elsewhere, the Medical College of Georgia announced today that significant strides have been made towards the development of another STD vaccine, which will protect against genital herpes. The Zapper is also an ideal candidate to use to treat antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA, Clostridium difficle, and flesh eating bacteria. I could really use encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing, but if anyone has any really strong feelings one way or the other, I’m open to hearing them. I have also a vague idea where this 1300 Hz feature comes from. 3.) Herbal parasite removal (for people who are relatively healthy) Various herbs are also used to completely eradicate all parasites, however, to be completely effective, one of these maintenance programs should be initiated.

For general use I use the mat on setting 1 and 2 at night to fall asleep and in the morning I use 1 and P3. If one of them had the cure, I can assure you that you and everyone else in the world would hear about it. He was put on the hormone inhibitor flutamide, but no other treatment was offered. The content in the web pages or sites linked to this Statement are intended only for jurisdictions where providing such information is lawful. government has spent billions of tax dollars funding research on cures for AIDS, and the medical/pharmaceutical industry has made billions treating (not curing) AIDS patients. Clark’s HIV/AIDS book (see page 591: The Story of L-G) she wrote that during her lifetime she battled with her own “incurable” disease, a rare form of infection that had gotten into her eyes and was crossing the blood brain barrier giving her brain herpes. More money down the drain, no cure and fill the bank accounts of big Pharma!

AT THE END: More and more people will find good health in natural healing. The difference is that the Basic Zapper does not have the orgonite or gems inside that is supposed to work on subtle energies. (For example, in one large study toxoplasmosis infection was twice as common in mentally handicapped patients as in healthy controls and in a recent German study of “individuals with first episode schizophrenia compared to matched controls, 42% of the former compared to just 11% of the latter had antibodies to toxoplasma”). I can mail this out if anyone wants a copy for free, not sure what shipping is from here.